Aaron Hobson – The Buzz Is On With the Cinemascapist!

Posted on December 7, 2011


Aaron Hobson has been making a huge mark in the photography world these days.  This photographer came from a small town of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  Photography for him is a way to process his “thoughts and feelings.” With over 250,000 visits to his website, he has received publicity on Der Spiegel, ABC News, The Post (Italy), and Gizmodo to name a few.  Der Spiegel  has covered a fascinating project that Aaron has taken on, which discovers some hidden places available by Google Street View.  The full article can be found here:


ABC News has also taken a liking to Aaron’s photography world, and features work from all around the world, including France, South Africa and Italy.


Aaron has successfully transformed his vision in his photographs to his followers and is gaining many fans daily.  You can enjoy some of his work here on 250pictures.com: