“The Creation Age” – Steven Wohlwender Photography

Posted on February 24, 2012


Upon asking Steven Wohlwender what he loves the most about photography, his response is that “We are in the Creation Age.  It’s good to be riding the wave.”  And riding the wave is exactly what Wohlwender has done in his lifetime journey as a photographer.  This all American fine art photographer captures the great outdoors and his subjects across multiple scenery throughout the U.S. and worldwide. His journey has taken him to 21 countries, adding to his portfolio stellar images. Wohlwender’s work has been distinguished for excellence by numerous photography and design organizations around the world.

Wohlwender was born in Northern Kentucky on May 1, 1967, and currently lives in San Mateo, California. His education in photography is self-taught – having never taken a photography class, but is greatly influenced by his 20 years in Chicago working as Art Director and Creative Director at a number of agencies.  Brands such as Coors Brewing Company, Marlboro (where he worked as photographer AND Art Director), and the Chicago Museum of Contemporary Art are some of the clients that Wohlwender created visual branding for. Alongside these campaigns were some of the most well-known photographers of the world, where Wohlwender feels his education in photography is derived from, “…for it was from those that inspired him most, that brought out his ability to create images with an unconventional view, a studied light and color palette, and an emotional wallop.”  To sum it up, working as an Art Director in his own words, “…taught me the worth of a good idea. The world isn’t short of photographers, but there’s always a shortage of great ideas. The people making an impact on the world are looking for ideas. Those are the ones you want to join forces with.”

One of the most fulfilling components of being a photographer is the ability to create and “see” things differently.  Wohlwender spent some time in Afghanistan, which greatly influenced his philosophy to life.  Upon asking Wohlwender what his favorite country is that he traveled to, his response, “Afghanistan. It freed me from my naivety. People and places, anywhere in the world, are not what is served to the public eyes and ears everyday. There’s this huge market for blood, burkhas, and machine guns, but how many coffee-table books do you see on the “Beautiful Landscapes of Afghanistan, or even the food? …which is a pity, because the landscapes and food are dazzling.   It made me realize maybe it’s time we started highlighting the good instead of dwelling only on the bad.”

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